Dive Into National Schnitzel Day Offers

Ever heard of the spectacular National Schnitzel Day celebration? Buckle up, because what we’ve got in store is an almost 2 weeks of schnitty goodness! 


And for the ultimate destination where these schnitzel wonders reign supreme? Well, it’s none other than the legendary Munich Brauhaus in the vibrant heart of Sydney and Melbourne. It’s not just your typical German-Aussie restaurant; it’s a shrine to all things schnitzel, where every bite is a ticket to flavour paradise. Visit one of our venues from the 4th to 15th of September for a famous schnitzel showdown. Imagine crispy, golden schnitzels that are just as wunderbar as they are in Germany itself!


So, round up your squad and get ready to dive into a frenzy of deliciousness that’ll leave you craving for more. Remember, it’s not just a day out—it’s a schnitzel-lover’s dream come true! Read on to know more about Munich Brauhaus’ Schnitzel Day offering: 

Get Ready for A Schnitzel Bonanza!

Longing for that genuine taste of the iconic schnitzel, but a trip to Germany isn’t in the cards? Fret not, because Munich Brauhaus is your passport to experiencing this beloved dish just like the locals do. Get ready to enjoy the irresistible blend of savoury perfection and satisfying crunch, complete with all the delectable sides that make it a complete feast. 


If you’re finding it tough to pick your schnitzel from our mouthwatering lineup, here’s a speedy rundown of the most delectable options. First up is the Matterhorn Schnitzel, clocking in at a rockin’ $35, to $59 for one to share. Imagine a majestic mountain of golden crumbed chicken schnitzel, not one, but TWO layers of Alpen Cheese, cosy spätzle and a tantalising bacon twist. 


And yes, we’re not done yet! Introducing the Big Boy Oi, Oi, Oi Schnitzel (also at $35 to $59). This isn’t just a schnitzel—it’s a schnitzel superstar and here’s why: a serving comes with golden crumbed chicken schnitzel piled high with BBQ wings, bacon and a glorious sunny-side-up egg. 

And here’s the twist: while you can totally indulge in a plate all to yourself, why not go for a schnitzel extravaganza that’s meant to be shared? After all, as the saying goes, sharing is caring! 


If you’ve got your besties or family in tow, the ultimate schnitzel fiesta awaits: the Schnitzel Platter! For a wallet-friendly $39 per person (minimum 2 people to really ramp up the fun), you’re in for a platter with your beloved schnitzel trio: Parmi, Jäger and BBQ. And as if that wasn’t enough, we’re throwing in a side of crispy fries and a mushroom sauce that is basically a flavour explosion on your plate. 

Embark On a Schnitzel Adventure Like No Other!

At Munich Brauhaus, we’re turning ordinary days into extraordinary schnitzel adventures. So whether you’re up for a solo schnitzel showdown or ready to share the joy with your favourite crew, we are here to make your schnitzel dreams a reality. Celebrate National Schnitzel Day with us! 


Grab your forks and let’s dive into a world of schnitzellicious wonders! Book your table now

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